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"Building Walatowa today, tomorrow, and beyond  through community empowerment and economic sustainability." 


"Provide affordable housing and assistance to low and moderate income individuals and families, in a safe, desirable, non-discriminatory community setting, while promoting economic independence and self-sufficiency to help improve the overall quality of life for all our community members." 

The Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority (POJHA) officially opened in January 2020 with the aim of providing the Jemez Pueblo community with exceptional housing opportunities and financial support to low-moderate income individuals and families.  Prior to the development of the POJHA, the housing needs and services were supported by the Pueblo of Jemez Tribal government. 


The creation of the POJHA will allow for continued success and opportunities for safe, sanitary, and quality housing, as well as, improve the physical conditions of current existing homes within the community.  The POJHA's goals are to continue developing a stronger, healthier community in regards to low-income housing and assistance.  This includes opportunities found under the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA)

Long-term goals for the POJHA include housing and housing related financial assistance for all community members, regardless of income limits.  The POJHA is committed to expanding its assistance throughout the community as it progresses forward into the future.

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