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POJHA Homeowners & Tenants

The Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority's Maintenance Department is dedicated to ensuring quality work of all unit repairs through highly qualified and skilled personnel and/or contractors.

Current POJHA Lease Purchase and Low-Rent clients are eligible to submit a Work Order by calling our office at (575) 834-0305.  When requesting service, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Name of Homeowner / Tenant

  2. Physical Address (i.e., 1234 Main Street)

  3. Phone Number

  4. Detailed Explanation of Issue / Problem

Work Orders are performed on a priority basis and not necessarily by appointment or the order in which they are received.  POJHA will assess each Work Order received to determine priority and schedule of the work to be done.

To submit a work order, please contact us at (575) 834-0305 or email us at 

Non - POJHA Homeowners & Tenants

Currently, non-POJHA clients can obtain information about Minor Rehab and/or Maintenance assistance by contacting the POJHA office at (575) 834-0305 or by email at

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