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U.S. Department of Treasury American Rescue Plan Act

POJHA Homeowner Assistance Fund


The Homeowner Assistant Fund (HAF) authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act, provides $9.961 billion to support homeowners facing financial hardship associated with COVID-19. HAF funds were distributed to states, U.S. Territories, and Indian Tribes. 

In order for eligible entities to receive its allocation, an eligible entity must develope and submit a plan for its use of HAF funding. The HAF plan shall describe in detail the needs of homeowners within their relevant jurisdiction, the design of each program the eligible entity proposes to implement using HAF funds, performance goals, and information regarding the eligible entity's readiness to implement the programs. 

U.S. Department of Treasury will access the eligible entity's HAF plan on several factors for approval. Treasury may approve a HAF plan in whole or in part. The eligible entity will be notified of approval status and disbursement schedule for purposes of the approved portions of the plan. 


The Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority presented its Homeowner Assistance Fund plan to the Pueblo of Jemez Tribal Council on May 17, 2023.  The Pueblo of Jemez Tribal Council approved Tribal Council Resolution #2023-08 Approval for the Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority Homeowner Assistance Fund Plan. 

The Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority plans to assist eligible participants with utility assistance and home repair to prevent displacement, but each program plans to limit repairs to certain areas of the home to ensure that there is no overlap or duplication of assistance.  

The Pueblo of Jemez Housing Authority has submitted its HAF plan to the U.S. Department of Treasury on May 24, 2023 for their review and approval. POJHA's plan has been officially approved from the U.S. Department of Treasury. Click here to view the POJHA HAF Plan.
Who is Eligible?
This program is specifically designed to assist income eligible homeowners as determined by HUD's Homeowner Assistance Fund Income Limits. POJHA will determine an applicant's eligibility based on the following guidelines:
  • Household member must be an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Jemez
  • Homeowner's dwelling unit must be the applicant's primary residence
  • Household income should not exceed 150% of Area Median Income or 100% of the Median Income for the U.S., whichever is greater
  • Proof of homeownership
How Do I Apply?
Applications can be obtained from the POJHA Office or downloading an Application in Microsoft Word format and select "Enable Editing" to fill out the application. The HAF Application PDF version is available. 
Applicant(s) must complete the application in its entirety and provide the following documents in order for POJHA  to establish eligibility:
  • Proof of Income
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (Applicant)
  • Authorization for Release of Information
  • Mortgage Payments - copy of current mortgage statement/document
  • Homeownership - Title, Deed, Tribal Residential Lease
  • Utility Assistance - copy of current utility statements/bills
  • Minor Home Repair - work required to make home habitable
Duplication of Services
The homeowner shall provide a written attestation that neither the household nor any individual Household member has received, and does not anticipate receiving another source of public subsidy or assistance for the financial assistance or homeownership-related services requested. 
Application and required documents can be submitted via email at or delivered to our office located at 4773 Highway 4, Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024. 


If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the POJHA Homeowner Assistance Fund, please email us at or call us at (575) 834-0305.
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