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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long is the wait after being placed on the Waiting List?
A:   There is no specific time frame as to how long an applicant may be on the Waiting List.  One of the primary factors that contribute to the wait time is the availability of rental units.


Q:  Where are the POJHA rental units (houses) located?
A:   POJHA rental units are scattered throughout the Pueblo of Jemez with a majority of the units being situated at Pueblo Place.

Q:  Does POJHA have emergency housing?
A:  Unfortunately, the POJHA does not have any emergency housing assistance at this time.

Q:  Can a single person apply?
A:  Yes, as long as the individual meets all the eligibility requirements.

Q:  Does POJHA have preferences?
A:  Yes.  The POJHA has preference over Pueblo of Jemez members, the elderly, disabled/handicapped individuals, and people with families.

Q:  I have no income at this time, can I still apply?
A:   Yes, you can apply and be placed on the Waiting List.  When your application comes up on the Waiting List you will need to prove that you have income and fall within the income guidelines.


Q:  How often do I update to remain on the Waiting List?
A:  Annually, but if you have changes such as income, family size, phone numbers, or address you need to report those changes to the POJHA office immediately.

Q:  Can anyone apply for housing?
A:  Yes, but POJHA has a Jemez tribal preference.

Q:  Does the tenant need to maintain their income flow?
A:  Yes, the tenant must maintain their income flow in order to support the monthly rental payments, monthly utility costs, and basic necessities.  Any changes in income flow must be reported to the POJHA office.

Q:  Are tenants responsible for repairs?
A:  Tenants will bear the responsibility for all damages except normal wear and tear.  Damage charges will be added to the monthly rental charge in order to cover the cost of addressing and correcting any damages caused by the tenants.

Q: How are my payments applied by POJHA?

A: The POJHA will apply any payments received in the following order: Damage Fees, Late Fees, Monthly Rental Charges.

Q:  Can I add another person to my household?
A:  Yes, with prior approval from the POJHA office.  Changes in family composition (i.e. family size) may affect the rental payment amount or place the home in non-compliance with occupancy safety guidelines.  Prior to adding another person to the household, the tenant must contact the POJHA office for an assessment.

Q:  If I was a previous tenant can I reapply?
A:  Yes, provided your rental history is in good standing.

Q:  How long can a friend/visitor/relative stay at my house?
A:  Less than 60 calendar days.  Any individual occupying the rental unit for 60 days and beyond will be considered as part of the family composition and a re-evaluation will be needed to determine any changes in terms of rental charges.

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